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  • Game: Halo 4
  • Reference time: Easy: ~5:00; Legendary: ~5:00

    Halo 4 level navigation

    Reclaimer - Shutdown - Composer

Shutdown is the sixth level in Halo 4. See Halopedia for general information.


Level Skip - After getting into the Pelican, fly all the way to the final area of the level(it is unmarked) and there is a hole in the door that can be jetpacked through to skip to the end of the level. Tutorial


Parallel Pillar Launch - Top of the first lift, jump somewhat parallel to the scripted pillar and it will launch you to the final area, skipping all fights. Quite a lot of luck on this trick but a reference point can be used to get the trick somewhat consistent, takes lots of practice. Tutorial

Not Working

Shutdown control room OOB - Using the banshee to get OOB by the door after that you can explore some areas no way found to the end trigger. [1]