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  • Game: Halo 4
  • Beginner Goals: Easy: ~12:00; Legendary: ~13:00

  • Intermediate Goals: {{{time2}}}

  • World Class Goals: {{{time3}}}

  • IL Records: {{{time4}}}

  • Segmented Times: {{{time5}}}

    Halo 4 level navigation

    Infinity - Reclaimer - Shutdown

Reclaimer is the fifth level in Halo 4. See Halopedia for general information.


Skip Del Rio - Instead of jumping onto the Mammoth at the beginning of the level, run down the path a little ways until you reach the cliff. Run past the small rock(watch video) and then run back to the Mammoth to skip long dialogue with Del Rio. Tutorial

Ordinance Jump - Once reaching the first enemy turrets, jump off the Mammoth and run up the right side to the rocks. Jetpack over them right to the crashed pelican and the Target Locator. Tutorial

1st River Jump - Grab the Ghost after destroying the first AA gun and drive back to the Mammoth on the right side. Instead of going into the Mammoth, climb the rock face on the right and boost off to clear the river. Tutorial

1st Barrier Skip - Using the Ghost from 1st river jump, drive to the first barrier on the right side and clip through the barrier by jumping out of the Ghost into the barrier. Tutorial

2nd Rivers Skip - Right after Early Sereph, drive straight to the rocks by the cliff, climb them and jump the gap, using jetpack sparingly. Once landed on the other side, climb the other rocks to reach Sniper Alley. Tutorial

Cortana Grab Enemy Pass - After becoming Super Chief, grab Cortana and jump to the floor on the left side to bypass the room. Tutorial

2nd Barrier Skip - Climb the rocks on the right side to jump over the entire barricade. Tutorial


Ordinance Jump Advanced - Randomly found by Hobo and BaD MonsterZ. Instead of jumping off the mammoth, just run (don't jump) and jetpack as soon as you hit the ground. Chief will get a huge jump boost. This strat is really tricky because it needs a good placement and a good timing. Save 2-3 seconds to the classic Ordinance Jump. BM's Setup/Tutorial

Early Sereph - After 1st barrier, run all the way to the next target and grab the new Ghost to setup for the next trick on the rocks, jump out of the Ghost and climb the rock face to find the Sereph hidden behind the rocks. DONT JUMP TO IT, IT WILL FALL THROUGH THE WORLD. First destroy the AA gun and once it is destroyed then jump to the Sereph, be careful the ship can splatter you(if you have the Rocket Launcher you can destroy the Sereph from the outside). Jump off the Sereph to the Ghost and head to the next loadzone. Tutorial


Blue Elevator Skip - Using a grenade or a crouch jump to get out of map and skip the elevator ride. ELEVATOR DOOR MUST CLOSE BEFORE MAKING 2nd JUMP. The timing to get in is about 2 sec and the checkpoint You get when you drop down to the edge is needed. Done correctly it saves 14-17 seconds.Tutorial