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  • Game: Halo 4
  • Reference time: Easy: ~11:00; Legendary: ~13:00

    Halo 4 level navigation

    Shutdown - Composer - Midnight

Composer is the seventh level in Halo 4. See Halopedia for general information.


SKIP DOOR TO KILL THE MARINE! - Using ammo crate on right, use a grenade or concussion OOB to skip the door opening (saves maybe 5 sec). Then, Kill the marine that opens door for you, saves 2 seconds. Tutorial

1st Airlock Skip - In first airlock battle, touch the back wall. It will hit a loadzone and skip entire fight. Tutorial

2nd Airlock Skip - Using a concussion rifle or grenade, once at 2nd airlock battle run into left corner from big door and grenade/concussion up OOBs, and run to next area, jump at top of ramp to get back in bounds. Tutorial


Phantom Bump - After the seconds door opens, run up the stairs and do a grenade jump on the phantom. Then stand in a position where the phantom will bump you onto a railing. Heavily relies on RNG Tutorial

Backup Strat from Forklift - Head to the next area after getting the Concussion Rifle, head up the stairs and concussion off the rail to upper platform. Tutorial

Banshee OOB door skip - At the end where you have to wait for the door to open, grab a banshee and head towards the elevator and clip out of bounds. Wait until the dialogue to trigger and tap one of the walls and drive under the door to teleport back into the map. Tutorial


New Composer Skip - When you get out of bounds during the break section, stick the button and do a grenade or concussion rifle jump onto the top and detonate the sticky. Then do a concussion rifle jump to the other side during the second load and run back inbounds. There are two different ways to do this, one on easy and one on legendary. You can also do this trick without a concussion rifle, but is very difficult to pull off IL strat (Using Phantom Bump) Easy Full Game route Legendary Full Game route

Forklift Launch - Using concussion rifle, jump on the end of forklift and shoot the top right corner of it, very finicky. Must have perfect placement on any difficulty besides LASO because of the Cowbell Skull. Tutorial

Super Crouch Series Jumps - After first encounter, super crouch up above the sniper Jackals using the crate. Then you can super crouch on top of the building to the right and jump off that to skip other fights, other way is to the left after 1st super crouch, jump on invisible wall then onto Phantom, as Phantom turns to leave, launch off to the door. Tutorial