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  • Game: Halo 4
  • Beginner Goals: Easy: ~9:00; Legendary: 10:00

  • Intermediate Goals: {{{time2}}}

  • World Class Goals: {{{time3}}}

  • IL Records: {{{time4}}}

  • Segmented Times: {{{time5}}}

    Halo 4 level navigation

    Dawn - Requiem - Forerunner

Requiem is the second level in Halo 4. See Halopedia for general information.

Requiem Info

- Requiem is the seconds mission to appear in the Halo 4 Speedrun.

- There are no differences from the Xbox 360 Version to the Master Chief Collection besides slower loading times.

- Combat strategies in this mission are similar to Dawn. The noob combo will be the best strategy for taking down elites.

Full Mission Tutorials

- Easy Full Mission Tutorial by Egg92 Tutorial.

- Legendary Full Mission Tutorial by c0ry123 Tutorial.

Map Room Clear

- Easy: On easy difficulty the energy sword is carried into map room to aid the players movement. Normally when shot, the player is reduced to walking speed. But when the energy sword is being carried, the player loses no speed when shot at. The player will traverse the room from left to right on easy difficulty. Refer to Egg92's tutorial here.

- Legendary: On the legendary difficulty the player carries the magnum and fuel rod into map room. The magnum will be replaced for the carbine when heading to the first generator on the right. The fuel rod can be replaced by the plasma pistol if the fuel rod is low on ammo or if the plasma pistol is preferred. Map room on legendary is done by moving from the right side of the room to the left side, the opposite of easy. For an tutorial refer here.

Bridge Section

- Bridge section is one of the most difficult sections in Requiem. On the easy difficulty, early banshee and the banshee out of bounds can be done. While on legendary, the player hugs the right side of the bridge and runs in a certain path to try and avoid death.

- Easy Bridge Route

- Legendary Bridge Route

Final Area

- There are multiple ways to get through the final area of Requiem. If the banshee out of bounds is performed on bridge section, the player can fly the banshee to the final door and none of the enemies will load into that section. Other wise a series of concussion rifle jumps can be performed on the tower to get to the top faster and to skip a fight with the hunters. On both difficulties, the player should hijack a ghost and on easy the player goes straight to the spot to begin the concussion jumps (Player should have concussion rifle from previous bridge section). On legendary, the player drives the ghost into the back room and splatters the Elite carrying a concussion rifle. Going into the back room also despawns all of the enemies that are in the outside portion allowing the player to back track to the spot to perform the concussion rifle jumps.

- Easy Route

- Legendary Route

Other Requiem Tricks

- Banshee Out of Bounds: SOON TO BE HERE