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Uprising.jpgIt ended so soon...
  • Game: Halo 2
  • Reference time: Easy: ~x:xx; Legendary: sub-2:20

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    Gravemind - Uprising - High Charity

Uprising is the twelfth playable level in Halo 2. See Uprising (level) for general information.


After skipping cutscene, immediately turn to the left and start walking forward, shoot plasma rifle in advance to alert Brutes sooner. Get a sword cancel off the Brute over the rock or just jump over it. Shoot plasma rifle again to draw Brutes out of the door sooner, sword fly to one or wait for him to get close and sword cancel. Crouch jump up to the Grunts, get Carbine, and either sword fly or sword cancel off the Jackal. Reinforcements can randomly spawn at the door and obstruct you, try to jump over them if it happens. Alert the enemies in the next room to make one of them head to the next area faster and sword fly to him. If he's ahead of you, you can angle a sword cancel so you fly right down to the door, otherwise just walk down. In the next room, sword fly or sword cancel off the Shade turret, you can sometimes avoid bouncing off the turret if you do a grounded sword fly. Drop Carbine for the Fuel Rod Gun. When you get to 'Step Aside, Let the Man Go Through', cloak before the door opens, and do a grounded sword cancel off the Jackal. It is very important that you have the right angle or you will hit something and lose all of your momentum. Head to the tree and either fuel rod jump up or jump in between the tree and wall. If you miss the fuel rod jump, you have to wait a little more after your shield has recharged or you will still kill yourself. If you do the tree jump, don't jump from right up against the tree, that makes it easier to over jump. There's a rock near the tree, jump onto it from there. Walk over to the ending trigger, crouch on the black spot to end level.


Shoot plasma rifle right before picking up the sword to draw the Brutes away from the door area, jump over the wall, cloak. Sword fly to one of the door Brutes or wait for him to get close and sword cancel. Sometimes you can get a CP before this.

You'll get another CP before the next area. If your shield hasn't recharged when you've reached the door to the next area, it might be ideal to avoid getting it (delay by meleeing with sword) so you don't get one before jumping up to the Grunts.

Get the Carbine. You can either sword fly to the Jackal coming out of the door or sword cancel off of him. Be sure to cloak. You sometimes get a CP before this. Ideally, you want to avoid spawning the reinforcements.

Sword fly to the retreating Brute in the next room. You can make him retreat sooner by shooting your gun. Sometimes it'll be a Jackal. You can get a CP if you wait before attempting it.

Wait for the retreating Brute to come to a stop so you can sword cancel off of him or kill him and jump down. Usually a lone Brute will come out of the next Brute (you can kill him to get a CP). If you land above the doorway from the sword cancel, you can skip spawning the enemies in the next room.

You can either sword fly off the turret Brute or off the Brute coming out of the door. You can sometimes draw him out sooner by shooting. If you end up bouncing off the turret, that can spell death. If you really want to be safe, just cloak and walk to the door. Shoot after walking past the turret to minimize wait for camo recharge.

There's a fuel rod gun right before the final section of this speedrun but think about it for a moment.

Pickup Fuel Rod:

  • faster OoB with fuel rod jump, risky on Legendary
  • no nade carryover to Great Journey (you'll spawn with 4 nades on GJ and you'll want some nades to stick the Spectre at the end of the level)

Keep Carbine:

  • slower OoB method of tree jump
  • carryover sword to Great Journey (allows for alternative, yolo strats on GJ)

Sword cancel off the Jackal. Don't move back or jump, just keep your crosshair angled over his head. Occasionally, you might land on the rock near the tree (the god cancel). If you chose to go with fuel rod, in the event that you get a bad sword cancel, there is a route you should learn. If you chose to go with carbine, you can just intercept the Jackal sniper with a headshot. You can wait for camo to recharge before attempting the OoB.

Crouch on the black spot to end level.