High Charity

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High Charity
HighCharity.jpgThe final Master Chief level of the game
  • Game: Halo 2
  • Reference time: Easy: 2-4 minutes; Legendary: 2-5 minutes

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    Uprising - High Charity - The Great Journey

High Charity is the thirteenth playable level in Halo 2. See High Charity for general information.

Full Game Strategies



If you are going to do the flood butterfly, skip to the section of the Wiki about the flood butterfly. Otherwise, walk towards the enemies. Kill the combat form that runs at you at the start of the level for his sword. It will either be the first or second flood combat form to run at you. Continue through the level to the elevator that takes you to the next section. You can use sword flies and sword cancels to speed up this section.

Bug/Open Room

After going up the elevator, pick up the beam rifle that is on the right in the hallway, if you are going to sword fly. Sword fly to the brute at the first landing platform. Step on the lift to go to the next area to activate it, while waiting for it to activate, pick up a carbine from the weapon box. Continue through the lift to the hallways.

If you don't intend to sword fly, just keep your original carbine and take the lifts across the room to the hallways.


When the first door to the hallways opens up, you can jump and do a sword cancel off a flood and potentially go quickly down the entire first hallway. You can also try and get some sword tricks off of enemies in the next hallways to speed those up.

In the first half-circle room, you can either swordfly to a brute up in the middle of the room and then attempt to sword cancel off of that same brute to the other doorway. If you do not want to do this, or if you get a bad spawn, just walk through the middle to the other door. Continue to the second half-circle room. Sword fly to the rocket flood that will be in the middle of the room. After that continue to the elevator.


You can try the pressure launch, however if you don't get it or if the enemies don't spawn you want to have a checkpoint nearby and make sure to revert quickly to avoid softlocking the game.

After reaching the top of the elevator, sword fly off of one of the grunts on the left side of the room. At the far end of the room will be three brutes and three jackals. You need to kill at least five of these enemies to progress through the door.

Go up the elevator after the fight and the level ends when you reach the end of the room at the top of the last elevator. You can sword fly off of a brute that is running down on the far end of the last room if you do it quickly enough.