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Osiris.png"Fireteam Osiris is dispatched to recover the UNSC's most wanted criminal: Doctor Catherine Elizabeth Halsey. "

Osiris is the first level in Halo 5. See Halopedia for general information.

Haloruns record page: http://haloruns.com/records?lb=0801 (click the timestamps for video links)

Video Examples

Examples of every trick mentioned here can be found on either the Individual Level or Game Records page. You can also find a more detailed, narrated video tutorial of Osiris (on easy) Here and Here.

Beginning/Turret Launch

Upon gaining movement control, thrust backwards to pick up the pommel of a depleted energy sword. The sword will allow for a 10% movement boost. From there, continue forward while bearing right. Once you break through the ice wall, there will be an anti-air turret off the edge of the cliff that is essential for the first skip. There are 2 methods to do the launch but both serve the same purpose. You can jump at the white stone (Illustration 1), or you can run off the cliff at the 2nd patch of weeds (Illustration 2). In either case, you want to be aiming for the tip of the turret, as being too far away from it will kill you.

Once launched, you want to ground pound in the general area of the snow covered rock.


Once atop the forerunner structure, you need to enter the back of the structure and press the button to continue. There are 2 general landings you’ll get which enter the structure differently. With the high landing, you can run off the back of the structure, stabilize, and turn around to thrust back in. With the lower landing, you’ll want to get to the right edge. Once there, sprint along it (hugging the left side) until you reach the back, and from there, you can jump and thrust to the back to reach the button. Once the button is pressed, wait for the “loading” icon and clamber out of the room. If this isn’t done in a timely manner, the next area will load and you’ll be trapped inside.


Continue normally until you reach the top of the cliff. At the door, 4 promethean soldiers will spawn. Killing these 4 soldiers will allow the door to open for the next area. If they drop splinter grenades, it’s wise to pick them up, as they will be helpful in the final fight.


[*Insert Turret Launches*]


The final room is just a matter of clearing all enemies. 5 knights total spawn along with crawlers, a few elites, and a handful of grunts. Once the final enemy is dead, the level ends once you reach the back of the room.