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Outskirts.jpgOver the rooftops and through the beach...
  • Game: Halo 2
  • Reference time: Easy: ~x:xx Legendary: sub-5:00

    Halo 2 level navigation

    Cairo Station - Outskirts - Metropolis

Outskirts is the third playable level in Halo 2. See Halopedia for general information.

The Strats

The Rooftops

The first thing you want to do is get out of bounds. Grenade-jump onto the steel beam, then jump up to the ledge.

  • If you have difficulty with the first grenade jump, an alternate (slower) strategy is to go into the tunnel and jump on top of one of the lights, then crouch-jump onto the ramped ledge. Once on the roof, turn around and crouch-jump/nade-jump onto the ledge.

Follow the route in the video over the rooftops to Hotel Zanzibar. If you miss a jump, there's usually a slower backup route.

On legendary

The first thing you do should be to turn around and grab the sniper rifle from Johnson. Then proceed to the rooftops.

  • If you do not wish to carry over weapons to Metropolis, note this strategy may be substituted with the easy strategy of simply going to the rooftops. You can prevent weapon carryover later into the level.

Hotel Zanzibar

On easy

Grab the pistol from just inside the window, and waste all its ammo. Having a gun with empty ammo prevents you from carrying over weapons to Metropolis. This is good because on Metropolis the game will give you 4 more grenades. Run to the ghost.

On legendary

When dropping back into bounds at Hotel Zanzibar, anger the white elite until he pulls out a sword. The sniper can stun him if he's not cooperating. Backsmack him while he's raging and trade your second weapon for the sword. You should now have sniper+sword. Sword-cancel over the enemies in the hotel and get to the ghost.

In a full game run, it helps to have at least 2 frags for Metro. You can sometimes pick up frags from the dead sergeant and by killing a marine.

The Beach

Boost the Ghost through the next section. Use quickturning (LT+A) to make tight turns without losing much speed. If you are have trouble squeezing between the wall and the shipping container, you want to try to get your right wing in first. This is done by going slightly to the right and then tapping 'A' to raise the front right as you get there.

On legendary

A safer strategy for the shipping container is to park the ghost at the far wall, get out and snipe the grunt on the turret, as well as the Jackal in the tower. Then continue to boost through the level. If you skipped the sniper, park the ghost and wait for the grunt to get off the turret, then take the opportunity to boost through. This is riskier and slower.

The Tunnels

The Shadows will switch lanes and generally force you to juke them, losing time. To avoid that, start riding the ledge just before you reach them.

On legendary

Travel forwards into the first tunnel to trigger a Warthog to spawn behind you, then switch your Ghost for the Warthog. If the marine driver is in a certain animation when he gets out, he'll get in the passenger seat right away (#MagicMarine). Make sure to bring both Marines - they will draw fire and let you survive. Ride the ledges on the sides of the road to avoid enemies and stay safe.