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Metro.jpgDon't take the left
  • Game: Halo 2
  • Beginner Goals: Easy: ~4:10 Legendary: sub-5:30

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  • World Class Goals: {{{time3}}}

  • IL Records: {{{time4}}}

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    Halo 2 level navigation

    Outskirts - Metropolis - The Arbiter

Metropolis is the fourth playable level in Halo 2. See Metropolis (level) for general information.

The Strats

The Bridge

Immediately after skipping the cutscene, run to the Warthog, leave the two marines behind, and drive to the end of the bridge.

On legendary

Take the rocket launcher from your ally before getting in the warthog. Make sure you take at least one marine as a passenger before to provide damage absorption.

The Tunnels

At the first barrier, after driving past a small red truck and blue bus, there is a driving maneuver you can do to get up to the ledge as quickly as possible: while driving forward, turn left then turn right. This will take some practice but it'll be worth it.

On legendary

If your Hog is badly damaged, you can wait for a second Hog to stop at the first barrier and take that one instead. Again, the marines will help with damage absorption. At the tunnel exit, after hitting the loading point, you can slow down to reliably receive the checkpoint. Otherwise it's a gamble, dying could send you back to the start of the tunnel.

The Streets

In this area are two Wraiths and a building overlooking the area. Killing one Wraith while not being close to the building will spawn a third Wraith. Killing a Wraith will spawn a Phantom which will descend to drop off two Ghosts and then stay in place shooting at you with it's turrets. The door to the building will not open until the Wraiths, Ghosts, and turrets are destroyed. The two Jackal snipers can be ignored on Easy.

The Deload

There is a chance that the Scarab will despawn (either near the building or after dropping into the water) if you weren't fast enough in this area. It's somehow connected to how you intercept the Phantom. A good rule of thumb: if it takes you more than two Wraith mortars to kill the Phantom, the deload will probably occur. In that case, wait about 10 seconds before entering the building. Getting out near the superbounce spot and walking to the building usually kills enough time.

On easy

Drive towards the left Wraith, hop out before getting too close and use the board-nade glitch to kill it quickly. Hop in the Wraith, adjust your position and aim at the second Wraith while the mortar is being armed. It takes about four mortar hits to destroy it, three if the Hog assists. Looking up, boost towards the building and shoot the Phantom's turrets and Ghosts. Boost again towards the building and quickly head upstairs. Take the rocket launcher and shotgun from marines.

On legendary

The Jackal snipers will make it very difficult to get past this section.

Yolo: Keeping your Hog somewhat angled to avoid being sniped out of the driver seat, hop out before getting too close to the Wraith and use the board-nade glitch to remove it's hatch, start meleeing the pilot, and then do the trick again. Get in the Wraith, turning Chief away from the snipers. Kill the snipers. Moving towards the building, target the second Wraith (about four hits is a good start) before focusing on the Phantom. Finishing off the Wraith, boost towards the building. Retrieve the pilot's plasma rifle from the wreckage.

Safe: Carrying over the sniper rifle will allow you to eliminate the snipers before proceeding. After driving past the two Ghosts that engage the Hog in this area, keep going straight and behind the building up ahead. From here, you can snipe the Jackals then attempt the yolo strat. If you carried over the sword as well, sword fly to the right Wraith.

Be sure to grab rocket launcher ammo from your ally before heading up the stairs.

Early Scarab

Note: Doing this trick only saves around 10 seconds, it's not really important in full game until at least sub-1:30:00. If you mess it up, just continue through the level as intended.

Before attemtpting any of the following early-board methods you should destroy the allied scorpion, this can be done with two good shots to the back from a rocket launcher. Destroying the scorpion will prevent the scarab from having to shoot it and allow it to get to a boarding position faster.

Method 1: Grenade Jump

You need two frags for this method. Jump onto the small cylinder, look down, crouch, throw a frag, wait for a second, and jump forward to land on the antennae. From up here, you have enough time to destroy the Scorpion to speed up the Scarab (otherwise it will always attack the Scorpion before proceeding). Position yourself in the middle of the antennae. Aim around the left corner of the wall with the Tterrab sign.

Audio cue: When Sgt. Banks pauses between 'I don't think it's stopping' and 'Keep your head down', look straight down and nade jump towards the Scarab.

Visual cue: Watch the turret marine, after he gets off and his feet touches the ground, look straight down and nade jump towards the Scarab.

Method 2: Superbouncing

For those who have difficulties with grenade jumps, the superbounce may be a good alternative. This method requires the player to jump back down to where the allied tank is stationed. Using the ramp upon which the tank sits, the player can store a crouch allowing for a superbounce.

Firstly, head to the left of this ramp and crouch underneath. Push against the underside of the ramp and then let go of the crouch button (from here until you are in the air make sure you do not press the crouch button). Slowly move out from under the ramp, jump onto the ramp and then make your way up it. Hold forward until you are approximately half way across the width of the bridge. At this point jump and keep holding forward. If you land along the correct line you should superbounce straight up and should be able to land upon the scarab.

The issues the player may encounter with this trick will likely be failure to bounce or bouncing too high. The former is usually caused by the player either failing to store the crouch correctly or landing too far left. The latter is usually caused by jumping too far right or jumping too late (see example below).

Method 3: Long Jump


Method 4: Moon Jump


Once you get on the Scarab, go to the front of the Scarab which will make it go down faster. The enemies will spawn when the Scarab reaches a certain point, but you must be standing at the bottom of the ramp leading to the control room to manually spawn two Elite pilots and a white Elite, which are required to end the level.

On legendary

If you'd prefer, you can get a checkpoint on the Scarab by being on top of it's middle platform or being under the arch near it's main cannon. When the enemies have spawned, quickly run to the front of the Scarab and drop down to either side of it's main cannon. If you hug the wall, you should be able to see and fire into the inner room. Lower each Elite's shield with the plasma rifle then BR him. Sometimes an Elite may seek cover behind a wall, grenades may be able to get him to come out/finish him off.

Normal Scarab (legendary)

If you were unable to execute the early Scarab trick, wait until the Scarab comes close to the bridge, jump down, and head to the back area. Throw a distraction grenade then force your way down. Head back up and to the front of the Scarab.

Useful Videos

Scarab Deload Explained by ImNotBrad: