Winter Contingency

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Winter Contingency
WinterContingency.jpg"There's a disturbance on the frontier."
  • Game: Halo: Reach
  • Reference time: Easy: ~8:00; Legendary: ~9:00

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    - - Winter Contingency - ONI: Sword Base

Winter Contingency is the first playable level in Halo: Reach. See Halopedia for general information.

HaloRuns record page: (click the timestamps for video links)


Hold the Reload button to get out of the falcon as soon as you are able. Sprint down the hill to the house. Skip the house by going to the right and jumping up the cliffside. Keep sprinting through the level. Remember to kill an enemy for a plasma pistol on the way to the trucks, you'll need it later.

Falcon Skip

The Falcon Skip lets you hijack a falcon to go out-of-bounds to get to the Relay Outpost. It starts just before you reach the truck.

  • As you near the trucks, stop right where the ground is about to slope downward and look at the Falcon with Jun in it. You'll notice that the Falcon is flying in a triangular pattern.
  • When the Falcon is on your left and at its furthest point away from you, immediately run for the trucks and get in before proceeding with the level.

This process removes Jun from the Falcon, so that the Falcon Skip can be triggered later in the level. Keep driving until you reach the first structure. There will be a hill on the left of you, which the Falcon will be hovering over. If the Falcon doesn't have Jun's waypoint on it, you've done the glitch correctly. Get out of your truck and run up the hill, and find a rock to jump off of to make it all the way to the top, as the hill becomes too steep to walk on at a certain point. Here, shoot an overcharged Plasma Pistol shot at the Falcon. A good place to aim is the nose, just behind the chingun. Keep doing this until the Falcon flips over and the cockpit opens. Flip the Falcon back over and pilot it.

  • Now fly in the opposite direction that you came, but stay near the mountain. Keep flying on this course until you see a Spirit Dropship. Follow it down to where it lands. While you follow it, try to take out its bottom turret.
  • Wait for it to rise up and fly away, then fly in the direction that the Dropship flies. You'll pass it pretty quickly, but keep flying in the same general direction.
  • Stop when you are clear of the trees and the mountain. Wait for the Dropship to come flying out of the mountain, face it, then land in between its two prongs. Hold the left control stick forward and lock your altitude. Wait for your shields to go down and the Falcon to shake - this indicates you've broken the barrier and are now outside the map.

If you've played this level before, you'll know where to go next. Just fly where the Falcon normally flies. You should find a deloaded area that will load when you get near it.

Relay Outpost

Once you load the relay outpost, do not land in there. Instead, stay out of bounds above the outpost and kill every enemy you can with your Falcon. After you make sure every enemy is dead (use your radar to double check) land on top of the relay outpost, get out of your Falcon and then re-enter your Falcon. This is a vital trigger that you must hit or else the level will not continue.

For the next part, it is recommended that you watch the world record run to see where they go as it is hard to explain, but you need to reload the previous area of the level (avoid going too far or else you could get teleported into solid space and die) and wait outside the now deloaded relay outpost. Around the time the second spirit stops shooting you is when you should reload the relay outpost, then either scale the nearby rock to get back into the relay outpost or use the Falcon to fly over the wall - using the Falcon is risky as there is a chance for you to get locked in the Falcon. You should notice that the door you need to go through is deloaded, this is normal. Wait for the enemies being dropped off to die and then you should be able to continue with the mission as normal.

Final Area

After the cutscene, run for the first Zealot and backsmack him. This is not necessary, but is a consistency strat. If you run past the first Zealot, he will sometimes follow you into the last room, where you will have to kill him to proceed. However, sometimes he will not follow you. It seems to be random.

Run straight for the last room. Keep in mind that only the two Zealots, and the four Grunts in the last room, so you dont have to kill anyone in the middle hallway. At the last room, try hit all four grunts with a grenade. Pick off any survivors with a DMR then backsmack the Zealot. After that activate the junction and you're done.