The Library

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The Library
Thelibrary.jpg"Fight your way through an ancient security facility in search of the Index."

The Library is the seventh level in Halo: Combat Evolved. See Halopedia for general information.

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Examples of every trick mentioned here can be found on either the Individual Records page or Full Game Records page.

A tutorial for completing the level on Legendary can be found here:

Flood Bumping

An extensive tutorial of flood bumping on Easy difficulty is shown in the following video on twitch:

Another tutorial for flood bumping on Legendary is found here:

First Floor

First Room Enemy Skip - No Flood Bump(Legendary Only)

Immediately at the start of the level, there is a technique to skip enemy spawns, making it trivial to run through the first area. To start, run up to 343GS floating in front of you so he triggers and moves forward, then use one of the several techniques for grenade jumping above the wall on your right, putting you in the inner ring of the first floor. Once over the wall, run to the closest door on your left and go through it to backtrack back to 343GS. Once you trigger him to move forward, turn around and proceed through the level as normal. There will be no enemies until after the first door. A Video of this strategy can be found in Older runs, before flood bumping was found.

First Room Enemy Skip - Flood Bump(Legendary Only)

Instead of running up o 343, just instantly do the nade jump, then run to the first door on the left, draw out the plasma rifle flood, shoot him only once in the arm, then run to the 1st door. Once you're near the door, go to the wall directly to the left of the door: <img here of that place>, get flush, then hold right strafe, and stop when you get here: <img of that 2>. Then, wait for the flood to melee you, then get behind it, wait for it to turn and immediately shoot it twice. If this was done right, stand on his chest, and when he revives you will be in the door. Jump through and go to the right and continue.

Second Floor

First Locked Door Enemy Skip (Legendary Only)

It is possible to halt the spawning of enemies at the first locked door on the second floor, saving you from 45 seconds of fighting in front of the door while it opens. Simply walk towards the door until the objective text "Wait here for the Monitor to open the door" shows up on your HUD, then walk back to the wall with the blue glowing panels on it. While standing there, no enemies will spawn other than a small amount of carrier forms. Wait in this position for ~35 seconds and then proceed towards the door; it should open as you arrive.

Inner Ring Faster Route/Enemy Skip

Immediately after the first locked door on this floor, do not turn right as you normally would. Continue straight towards the center of the level. Get to the edge of the dropoff and hop along the inner ring to your right. This path is not only faster than walking the normal way around the outer ring, but it also despawns many of the enemies in that area, making it optimal for all difficulties.

Second Locked Door Grenade Jump

The second locked door on this floor opens halfway and then stops for a time. Once it starts to open, a basic grenade jump will let you hop through the opening, allowing you to proceed without waiting for it to open fully.

Third Floor

What's on the third floor i forget

This level is a weird brown blur in my brain

Fourth Floor

Tunnel Skip Grenade Jump

Near the beginning of the fourth floor you will encounter a half-open door and a lower tunnel which is the normal path. But it is possible to grenade jump through this half-open door into the next room, saving the extra walking.

Final Door Grenade Jump

This is the toughest grenade jump in the level but is incredibly worthwhile as it skips the huge final battle of the level. The final door opens halfway, pauses for about 1 second, then resumes opening. A few seconds after this, a wave of 10+ flood spawn on the other side of the door. By timing a grenade jump to get through the door during the 1 second pause, you can hop through the opening before the flood wave spawns. Running straight to the end of the level should allow you to escape without dying on any difficulty.