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Regret.jpgThey'll regret that too
  • Game: Halo 2
  • Reference time: Easy: ~x:xx; Legendary: ~x:xx

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    Delta Halo - Regret - Sacred Icon

Regret is the eighth playable level in Halo 2. See Regret (level) for general information.


Early Gondola: Strategy depends upon the location of the Jackal spawns. In order from fastest to slowest:

  • Sword-fly to middle platform, sword-cancel over enemy onto departing gondola. The enemy must be standing still.
  • Sword-fly to far platform, jump to gondola, stand on railing and trigger enemies, run+jump onto departing gondola.
  • If you don't see any Jackals, run all the way to the little ledge, grenade jump onto central platform, sword-cancel to gondola. (risky) You can also draw out snipers on the far platform by firing a rocket anywhere or throwing a nade near them. You can also get lucky and have a sniper spawn far back on the middle platform, you can sword fly from the little ledge to the gondola, hitting the trigger in the process.
  • If you didn't carry over a sword from Delta Halo, reset :^)


IL Start: Ways to obtain a sword for Individual Level attempts:

  • First group, white Elite in the front: shoot the back Elite with the beam rifle twice, wait a little before firing the second shot, and then backsmack him. If you kill him too quickly, another Elite will take his place. Get the white Elite to berserk and backsmack.
  • First group, white Elite in the back:
  • Second group, white Elite in the front:
  • Second group, white Elite in the back:

Checkpoint Manipulation:

At the start of Regret, killing the 1 Elite that spawns after the usual two, the 2 Grunts, and 2-3 snipers will usually give a CP. If you sword fly to the Jackal at the other temple and kill 1 Jackal sniper and the Elite on the bridge, you can sometimes get a CP. If you sword fly to the Jackal sniper on the middle platform and kill the sniper, you can sometimes force a CP by cloaking.

After the first elevator ride, you can delay the CP and get it right before the sword fly/cancel off the Grunt.

After getting past the Hunters, you can get a CP before engaging the Stealth Elites.

After the second elevator ride, you can do a poor sword cancel off of the Elite and force a CP before the mountain cancel by cloaking. You can also cloak and cancel off the Elite to get a CP.

On the final gondola ride, you do not want to get a CP as you're firing a rocket at the Banshees or you will have wasted a rocket if you revert!

By killing the enemies coming out of Regret's chamber, in addition to the turret Grunts, you should be able to get a checkpoint directly before the fight. You can minimize the amount of enemies coming out of it by not killing anything before triggering the cutscene.

During the Regret fight, you can cloak to force a CP. You can also backtrack to the temple entrance to get a CP.