Kizingo Boulevard

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Kizingo Boulevard
KizingoBlvd.jpg"Scorpion rampage through the heart of the city."
  • Game: Halo 3: ODST
  • Beginner Goals: Easy: ~4:30; Legendary: ~6:30

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    Uplift Reserve - Kizingo Boulevard - ONI Alpha Site

Kizingo Boulevard is the third flashback level in Halo 3: ODST. See Halopedia for general information.

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Ghost Hijack

From the beginning, turn left and walk towards the wall that connects to the tunnel. Slide jump a few times down the stairs while shooting your rockets and the enemies to get them out of the way. Walk along the left wall, killing enemies that stand directly in your way. Pick up a plasma pistol from one of the dead grunts and swap it for your empty rocket launcher. Make sure you head towards the phantom with a plasma pistol and at least one grenade. A plasma or spike grenade is preferable but only slightly. Head towards the Phantom and it will drop off a Ghost piloted by a Brute. Once you get to the Phantom, wait under it, just behind the Ghost, and hold the action button to hijack the Ghost as soon as you are able. Turn around and boost through the level, and be sure to stay to the left instead of going right at the first intersection. Avoid any ghosts, wraiths, and debris where applicable. After keeping left at the first intersection, you will encounter a section of the level blocked by a shield with a few crates and a beam rifle in front of it. Park the ghost directly to the right of the beam rifle leaning against the crate and exchange it with your SMG. You should now have a plasma pistol and beam rifle. Quickly get back in your ghost and turn right to the open plaza. Drive through the plaza between the shade turret and the center structure, then proceed to the door to continue with the mission. After a few seconds, it will open.

Banshee Hijack

Once you pass through the barrier to Kizingo Blvd., head down the street and get out of your ghost once you pass the yellow truck. After getting out of the ghost, flip it with a fragmentation grenade or destroy it with a plasma or spike grenade. Walk back up a few steps so you are at the top of the ramp but a few steps farther back from the edge. Face roughly towards the door to the next area. If you have time, feel free to kill some infantry on the ground so they don't mess with your setup. Two banshees will approach from over the door. Aim and charge the plasma pistol at a banshee. Your aiming and timing are very important for this step. The best way to time it is to shoot the banshee as it transitions from flying downwards to flying level with the ground. You should aim your plasma pistol so that the shot hits the very front dome of the ghost but on the upper part of this dome. Once it falls, you will have less than five seconds to board it before it regains control. The banshee cannot be upside down or it will not be able to be boarded. If you cannot board the banshee during this cycle, shoot it again to restart the five-second timer. Once the banshee is in a good position, take the beam rifle and shoot at the foot of the brute as you are holding the action button. If you aimed correctly, you should board the banshee. Once you gain control of it, fly towards the door to the next area and slow down just before you get to it. Boost the banshee against the bottom of the wall facing upwards to get passed the elastic barrier and over the doorway. Once you are on top of the doorway, fly back down into the map and fly towards the door to hit a load, then fly towards the building near the two locked doors to teleport Dutch to the final area.

Wave Defense

The final fight will start with a phantom and two banshees flying overhead. Note that all phantoms in this area are invincible, so trying to blow them up with the banshee's fuel rod gun is not an option. Almost immediately after this first phantom passes over the area, another will come from the area above the door you skipped opening. If you have time, try to kill the grunts on each of the turrets with the fuel rod gun. The phantom will stop to drop off grunts and jackals on its right side. Alternate between the plasma and fuel rod guns of the banshee to kill these infantry before they spread out too much. The phantom will then move to the left slightly and drop off a wraith and more infantry. Target the core of the wraith first, then focus on the infantry dropped off on the left. The final wave that the first phantom will drop off is at the nearby staircase. Kill these enemies to complete the wave.

The second phantom will fly in from above the staircase where the last phantom dropped off its last enemies. Again, try to use to fuel rod gun to kill the grunts on the turrets if you can. The phantom will drop off grunts and jackals from its left side directly in front of the stairs. Kill these enemies, then move towards the center of the area. The phantom will drop off more enemies from its right side, then move to the other staircase to drop off more. Kill all of these as fast as possible because the ending trigger is determined by there being no enemies alive. Once all of the enemies are dead, fly towards the top of the ramp leading to the locked door on the right. Dutch will meet you there and the level will end.