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Exodus is the sixth playable level in Halo: Reach. See Halopedia for general information.


When you reach the Jackals, kill one of them and borrow their PP. Switch back to your Magnum and use it to headshot the suicide Grunts. It’s on Easy, so don’t worry too much about damage. When you see the first Brute, try to PP pepper him. If he’s not dead by the time he’s in striking distance, melee. Kill the other Brutes using the same method. For the Brutes that come out of the phantom, try to place a Frag in the middle of the three of them. A well placed Frag can kill all 3. When the next door opens, ignore the Brute and 3 Jackals on the other side. Simply run past them and head for the Grunts on the right. PP or Magnum them and grab the Shotgun (the individual level WR run doesn't use a shotgun, but I recommend it, as it can take out a Brute in one shot). Kill enemies along the way, but activate the elevator as quick as you can - that’s the key to getting a good time on this level. Clean up the rest of the enemies until you hear "okay, everyone find some cover, stay sharp." When you hear that, grab a DMR (keep your Shotgun), head for the courtyard where you first encountered Brutes, and wait for the Dropship. Nade the enemies that come out and head back to the elevator. Kill everyone you see until you hear “damn, Lieutenant,” then get in the elevator as it opens. Have a deep conversation about politics and financial issues with the Marine in the elevator. When the door opens bid him goodbye and head straight for the Jetpacks. When you acquire the Jetpack, take the most direct route possible to the next area (if you're confused, watch the WR video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSLPPmmk0jw.) When you get past the Concussion Rifle Brute and you enter a very tall room, come to a complete stop right in front of the doorway, then jump and jetpack up. Head towards the waypoint. Grab the Rocket Launcher that is next to the weapon crate, then walk toward the tall building. After walking towards the building for a second or two, throw a Frag Grenade against the railing of the platform and jump over it, making sure to hold down the Jetpack button after you jump. The Frag should propel you to the top of the tall building, skipping much of the level. The door in front of you will open; behind it are Grunts with Fuel Rods, and Jackals. Unleash your rockets upon their souls, but watch where the Fuel Rod Guns land. Pick up the Fuel Rods and clean up all of the Brutes. When you're in the Falcon, tweet about how this game has a lot of Falcon rides. Once you're out of the Falcon, head straight for the Warthog and park it on the ground as close to each missile battery as possible before you leave to activate it. Do this for each battery and the big red button, and you're done with Exodus.