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Halo CE, also known as Halo 1, has a few major skips, but most of the tricks are smaller and involve manipulating spawns and optimizing combat. The AotCR bridge drop and the Keyes shield bump are the most essential tricks to learn, as they both skip major parts of levels. Otherwise, learn the route by watching the WR video and using goatrope's tutorial.

While Easy has a greater focus on efficient tricks, Legendary is heavily combat-intensive. You should start with Easy, and switch to Legendary if you want more emphasis on fighting.

Halo Runs record page: http://www.haloruns.com/records?lb=100 (click the timestamps for video links)

Level Strategies

Version Differences

Halo PC is the most commonly used version for speedrunning. It has greatly reduced loading time between levels (although these loads are not counted in the time anyway). More importantly, it has no lag during in-level loadzones. The aiming is more precise due to the mouse, although there is significantly less autoaim on PC.

Halo CE on console is timed by RTA minus loading screens. This means that most of the disparity between console and PC is accounted for, although PC is still slightly faster due to less lag. If running on console, you should run the NTSC disk on an Xbox 360 to minimize lag. Do not run PAL, as walking speed is ~17.5% slower. The Anniversary edition is the same as PC, although some cutscene skips may be slightly slower. The Marketplace version is identical to NTSC.

Movement Techniques

Walking Speed Optimization

Walking directly forward is the fastest way to move in Halo CE by a small margin. Strafing and backpedalling are both 12% slower than walking straight forwards, while moving diagonally forward (W+A or W+D) is 5% slower than walking forwards. Because of this, it is optimal to move with only W (forward on joystick) whenever possible.

Vehicle Flinging

Turn the Warthog from left to right and exit the vehicle. If you time it properly, the rear-left tire of the Warthog should hit you, launching you forward. It is used on Halo, where you can fling into the Forerunner complex much faster than walking into the tunnels. It is also useful for getting through the first Silent Cartographer door before it closes and locks.

You can also fling using a Ghost. Since Master Chief exits the Ghost on the right side in Halo CE, you have to turn from right to left.

Combat Techniques

Backpack Reloading

By pressing Reload-Reload-Switch Weapon (XXY on console), you can have your secondary weapon out while your primary weapon reloads itself. You should hear the reloading noise while your secondary weapon is equipped. You should pretty much always be backpack reloading.

Double Melee

To double-melee in Halo CE, press Melee-Grenade-Melee (BLB on console). You will be able to cancel the melee animation by throwing a grenade and melee again.


The main enemies in Halo CE are the Covenant and the Flood. Special care should be taken for the following:


Red Elites are stronger and more accurate than Blue Elites. Stealth Elites are completely unshielded and easy to detect when they wield a sword. Gold Elites (Zealots) wield Plasma Rifles or Energy Swords and they have much stronger shields than normal Elites. Their tenacity is unmatched.

Fuel Rod Grunts

In Halo CE, Spec Ops Grunts have a kill switch on their Fuel Rod Guns - it will blow up shortly after they die. Be careful of possible grenade chain reactions.

Rocket Flood

Nasty buggers. Stay away from them. They will snipe you from long range, especially on Two Betrayals.