The Storm

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The Storm
TheStorm.jpg"There's something in the crater, something beneath the storm"
  • Game: Halo 3
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    Reference time: Easy: ~5:30
    Legendary: ~7:00

    Halo 3 level navigation

    Tsavo Highway - The Storm - Floodgate

The Storm is the fourth playable level in Halo 3. See The Storm (Halo Nation) for general information.

Version Differences

This level is incredibly Chaotic, and as such is easier on Legendary if played on OG. The first lakebed phantom has a much higher chance of having the phantom turret blown off by marines on OG, meaning far more runs will make it past first lakebed. In addition to this,

  • The rocket marines in the 2nd lakebed are more trigger happy on MCC, and kill you more often.
  • DC clipping to deload the scarab is only possible on MCC. OG runs must use the mongoose clip.


Before getting into the breakdown of the mission, it is important to explain the concept of an RNG seed. A seed is the basis that all future random events are calculated from, and so if the seed is the same for two identical runs the random events will be the same. This is true at the start of a level, but due to how every RNG call will change the value later events are not as strongly connected due to small changes in how the level is played and what things need to call for a random value (say for a random drop or an enemy's behaviour). When a level is first loaded, an RNG seed is created and this is used for the duration of the level being loaded. The seed will be the same every time the level is restarted, so when restarting the level in the same load instance some random behaviour will seem more regular. The seed will also subtly change over time, but only after an hour or two. For IL runs the seed is vital, and if you want a top time some time will have to be spent reloading the level for a favourable seed. However in full game runs the level can only be loaded once and so it is not possible to use the seed to gain any advantage.

- Before first lakebed

This mission opens with an autoscroller, where a marine drives the warthog over to the door. While this section is not affected in any way by the player, it can be affected by the seed. Fortunately it is at the very start of the level, so once a seed has been found with a fast warthog it will be fast on (almost) every reset while the level is still loaded.

- First lakebed

- Between first and second lakebed

- Second lakebed

Mounted pod strats

Rocket snipe strats

Double phantom strats

- Scarab fight/skip

Scarab board

Mongoose clip

DC clip

- Factory

- Outside and AA gun

-- Legacy info, temporary

- Kill the AA wraith and 2 of the Ghosts for the door to open in the 1st open area

- 2nd area, Kill everything as well?

- Plasma pistol snipe to kill the cannon

- Drive Mongoose into building


Ghost Town

First Lakebed

Second Lakebed

Scarab Board


Destroying the AA Gun